Monday, August 17, 2009

Target Food Clearence

So I don't have details since I had both kids and a hubby in tow...BUT I noticed red clearance tags all over the place in the food section of the Nampa Target today. Frozen foods apparently has Weight Watcher desserts on sale. As well there were several end caps loaded with products like Kool Aide and Ragu.
Also if you have the B1G1(buy one get one) free coupon from this weeks paper for Velveeta Cheese Cups and have been having a hard time finding them at say Walmart or Win co, they are there for .99 each. But be courteous and don't Bogart the rest of them...I always hate it when I have coupon in hand and can't find a product because someone bought 20 of them! However, if you do get stuck in that situation make sure to ask for a "rain check" at customer service.

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