Wednesday, August 19, 2009


If you are into coupons like I am keep those expired coupons!!! They can be sent to military bases where they can be used for up to 6 months past the expire date! One way to support the troops and their family's!

Thanks to Pinching Your Pennies for the info.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My First Giveaway!!!

Woo hoo a new first for my little bloggie! Become a follower and leave a comment and you could be picked to receive a set of baby coupons! Set of ten...including 2 Beechnut coupons which are for one FREE jar of stage three baby food!!! Yes FREE!

So leave a comment(positive please), become a follower of my blog, and you could win coupons for free stuff. Contest ends 8/23/09 at 12:00pm and winners will be picked by my four year old. So HURRY!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Target Food Clearence

So I don't have details since I had both kids and a hubby in tow...BUT I noticed red clearance tags all over the place in the food section of the Nampa Target today. Frozen foods apparently has Weight Watcher desserts on sale. As well there were several end caps loaded with products like Kool Aide and Ragu.
Also if you have the B1G1(buy one get one) free coupon from this weeks paper for Velveeta Cheese Cups and have been having a hard time finding them at say Walmart or Win co, they are there for .99 each. But be courteous and don't Bogart the rest of them...I always hate it when I have coupon in hand and can't find a product because someone bought 20 of them! However, if you do get stuck in that situation make sure to ask for a "rain check" at customer service.


Have you ever visited Diapers.Com? They are a great site with free shipping on everyday baby supplies from baby food, formula, and of course diapers! Go here for a free code for $5.00 off your order thanks to Red Plum!
They also sell cloth diapers like Bum Genius, gotta love these names right? If you have wanted to try a cloth diaper just to test run the idea this would be a great way to get a diaper for almost 25% off!
Check my blog later this week for more information on how to save real money by using cloth diapers!

Gasp!!! Bulk blunder discovered!!!

So at Costco they sell Crystal Light Lemonade 32quarts for $6.99, which comes out to 22 cents per ounce which sounded really good when I was at the store. BUT they only carry lemonade and that stuff gives me serious heartburn!
BUT alas at Albertsons they have Crystal Light listed on sale for $3.99 for 12 quarts or 20 cents per ounce! Albertsons also has a "Free Groceries for 3 days only" special, effective 8/16 through 8/18. This special where you get $5.00 off your next purchase and $20.00 via mail in rebate! Basically free groceries! Crystal Light is listed as a qualifying product! Sooooo free Crystal Light!
And you can explore other flavors besides lemonaide! Unless you really, really like lemonade!

PS. Walmart always carries Store Brand drink mix at 2.00 for 12 quarts, which is 17 cents per when you can't get it free you can always visit Wally World!

Some random deals I came across!!

So here's my first post! Enjoy and I hope it is worth reading! God Bless~

OK so at the Walmart on "The Boulevard" in Nampa/Caldwell, their is a special on "Bread Lovers" bread for $1.00 off a loaf! This is a very chewy, fresh bread made locally in Idaho.
I grabbed a loaf the other day and made some of the BEST french toast this morning.

At Target they are advertising Gerber Graduate Snacks 3/$5.00!! This is a great deal since my older baby will eat TONS of those cheese puffs in one sitting! I only wish I had waited on my coupon that I got in the mail from Gerber(.75 off 2)! Too bad SO sad!
To sign up for coupons on formula, baby food, and toddler snacks go to the link listed below! I have received two sets of coupons in the past 4 months for baby food alone!